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UK Satellite TV information

(From: Martin Pickering).

Here is a list of the FAQs and other documents related to UK satellite TV available at:

by adding the appropriate file name to the URL, above, or following the links.

aegir.htm      The Aegir/Dixi/Lenco/Oritron Jupiter D2Mac decoder FAQ
churchil.htm   The Alfaglade Churchill D2Mac decoder FAQ
d2mac.htm      A general discussion about buying D2Mac decoders
digifaq.htm    Chris Moore explains Digital Satellite Receivers
diseqc.htm     An explanation of DiSeqC
dummies.htm    Satellite TV for the beginner
filmnet.htm    Philips BBD-901 FilmNet D2Mac decoder FAQ
galaxis.htm    Galaxis digital receiver specifications
grd150.htm     Grundig GRD150/200/280/300 receiver FAQ
interf.htm     A discussion about picture interference problems
jack.htm       Lots of humorous stories originally published in magazines
lnb.htm        A discussion about various LNBs and frequencies
money.htm      How to make money from Satellite TV!
mrd920.htm     Pace MRD920 D2Mac receiver FAQ
mss200.htm     Pace MSS200/Apollo receiver FAQ
mss500.htm     Pace MSS500/1000 receiver FAQ
nimbus.htm     Mimtec Nimbus receiver FAQ
prdkits.htm    Upgrade kits for Pace PRD receivers explained
products.htm   Index page for SatCure products
reliable.htm   A discussion about making your receiver more reliable
sat1700.htm    Nokia SAT1700 receiver FAQ
sataccs.htm    SatCure accessories page
satbooks.htm   SatCure books page
satfaqs.htm    Index page for all FAQs
satkits.htm    Satcure repair/upgrade kits page
satwalk.htm    A discussion about the SatWalker and other motorised units
scarts.htm     A discussion about Scart connectors - which is best?
spares.htm     A complete price list of SatCure component spares
sparkly.htm    A discussion about "sparlies" ("fischen") and the cures
sr5500.htm     Echostar SR5500 receiver FAQ
srd400.htm     Amstrad SRD400 receiver FAQ
srd500.htm     Amstrad SRD500 receiver FAQ
srd510.htm     Amstrad SRD510 receiver FAQ
srd600.htm     Amstrad SRD600 receiver FAQ
srx200.htm     Amstrad SRX200 receiver FAQ
ss9kits.htm    Upgrade kits for Pace SS9xxx receivers explained
svs250.htm     BT-SVS250 receiver FAQ
tools.htm      A discussion about repair tools
uniden.htm     Uniden UST- receiver models FAQ
which.htm      Which receiver shall I buy?
advice.htm     What to do if your receiver will not work?
ard200.htm     Cambridge ARD200, BT-SVS200, JVC TU-AD1000 receiver FAQ
ctu900.htm     Philips CTU900 D2Mac decoder FAQ
mss100.htm     Pace Prima/MSS100 receiver FAQ
prd.htm        Pace PRD800/900 receiver FAQ
rd480.htm      Cambridge/Matsui RD480 Extra receiver FAQ
srd6.htm       Ferguson SRD6 receiver FAQ
srd700.htm     Amstrad/Fidelity SRD700, SR950, SR950+ receiver FAQ
ss9.htm        Pace SS9xxx receiver FAQ
svs300.htm     BT-SVS300 receiver FAQ
why.htm        "Why am I in business" - a discussion for when you're down!
yourfaqs.htm   Copies of questions and answers - let's have more!

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