NotTaR of Television Sets : User picture adjustment                 
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TV Adjustments

User picture adjustment

For general viewing, subdued lighting but not total darkness is probably best. However, for most dramatic impact, a darkened environment may be preferred. Make the following adjustments under the expected viewing conditions.

Tune to a strong channel or play a good quality tape.

Turn the brightness, contrast, and color controls all the way down. Center the tint control (NTSC, may not be present on PAL sets).

Increase the brightness until a raster is just visible in the darkest (shadow) areas of the picture and then back off until it JUST disappears.

Increase the contrast until the desired intensity of highlights is obtained.

Since brightness and contrast are not always independent, go back and forth until you get the best picture.

Initially adjust the color control for pastel shades rather than highly saturated color. Set the tint control for best flesh tones. Then, increase the color control to obtain the desired degree of color saturation.