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Vertical position, size, and linearity adjustment

Vertical position may be set via a switch or jumper, a pot, or (mostly in B/W TVs) a set of rings on the CRT neck.

Vertical size should be set so that there is about 10-15 percent overscan top and bottom. This will allow ample margin for power line voltage fluctuations, component aging, and the reduction in raster size that may occur with some VCR special effects (fast play) modes.

Some sets no longer have any vertical size adjustments and depend on the accurate regulation of the voltage to the vertical output stage to control vertical size.

On those that do, the adjustment is usually a pot in the vertical output circuitry. If your set has a linearity control, you will need to adjust this in conjunction with the size control as these are usually not independent.

Some of the newest sets control all these parameters via settings in non-volatile memory and use service menus accessed via the remote control for nearly all setup.

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