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Warning about using a TV as a computer or video game display

"I remember a while back (about 10 years) most home computers used to hook up to televisions. I seem to remember them having some effect on the TV though. I think they made the TV go blurry after a while. I was just wondering what these computers used to do to the televisions to mess them up like that. I thought a TV signal was a TV signal."
The problem was screen burn. Since computers of that era were mostly text and video games tended to use fixed patterns for scenery, patterns tended to be burned into the phosphor such that they were noticeably darker and less sensitive in those areas. This was exacerbated by the tendency to run those devices at very high brightness levels.

Modern computers and video games should not be nearly as much of a risk since the displays are so much more varied and dynamic. Nevertheless, setting the brightness at a moderate level would be prudent.

However, projection sets with their much higher intensity CRTs may still be susceptible to screen burn and the manufacturer will likely NOT cover the cost of repairs. There is probably a disclaimer to this effect in the warranty.