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    Introduction and General Guidelines

    I welcome contributions of photos and associated descriptions to expand this collection. Being a non-profit operationg, the best I can offer in return is attribution for your material and the esposure that you get by being involved! To make the best use of time, I would suggest the following:

    HTML Formatting

    I would appreciate it if the filenames/thumbnails and descriptions were formatted as follows. There should be a set of these for each set of photos (e.g., for a particular laser system or other piece of equipment). This will make it easiest for me to drop them into the appropriate gallery wing (shown for 2 photos).
    <li><A HREF="newpics.htm#newlabel">
       Title for Your Laser Photos</A> (Gallery)
    (These photos and descriptions provided courtesy of: Your Name
     (Your Email or Web Address).)
     <li><A HREF="pic-1.jpg">
      View 01</A> - Brief description of photo 1.
     <li><A HREF="pic-2.jpg">
      View 01</A> - Brief description of photo 2.
    And the following for the gallery entries:
    <A NAME="newlabel"></A>
    <h3>Title for Your Laser Photos</h3>
    <A href="pic-1.jpg">View 01</A> <a href="pic-1.jpg">
     <image src="pic-1t.jpg" align=middle border=0></A>
    <A href="pic-2.jpg">View 02</A> <a href="pic-2.jpg">
     <image src="pic-2t.jpg" align=middle border=0></A>
    Thanks for your support!
      - The Laser Equipment Gallery Management. :)

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