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Experience with Briggs & Stratton carburetor

(From: Dan Hicks (danhicks@millcomm.com).)

Last Monday, while I was mowing the lawn, our 21-year-old Snapper mower quit on me. I could start it up but it would run for a few seconds and then quit again. After futzing with it in the yard for several minutes I took it back to the garage, and, after several more attempts at getting it going, I decided it was likely getting too much gas.

I disassembled the carb and cleaned it good. It's a "PulsaJet" model with the carb mounted on the gas tank. The diaphragm looked good -- no visible holes.

I reassembled things and the thing started and ran well enough to finish mowing, but it didn't have much "oomph".

During the week I got a new diaphragm, and I got around to installing it today. What a difference!! It used to take several tries to start the mower, now it starts on one pull. And it has more power than it's had in years.

Hard to say what may have been wrong with the diaphragm, but likely it had some microscopic holes in it.