NotTaR of small Gasoline Engines and Rotary Lawn Mowers : McCulloch chain saw hard to start       
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McCulloch chain saw hard to start

"This weekend I picked up a 14" McCulloch chain saw and have had a hell of a time getting it started. I am no novice at this as I already have a gas trimmer and blower. I am sure my fuel mixture is right and have done just about everything else by the book. In how many pulls do I consistently start a cold McCulloch chain saw. I should mention that I HAVE started it but can't believe it should be this hard."

(From: DanDee I had the same problem with mine!

If yours is like mine , it has a throttle latch knob to use during starting. Mine never worked. After pulling myself silly trying to start it, I just decided to hold the throttle trigger open manually and it starts every time very easily.

You may want to give it a try if you haven't tried it already.