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Apple LaserWriter prints double/repeated images

The characteristic is faint repeated printing a couple of inches down the page as well as from the previous page.

(From: Tony Duell (ard@p850ug1.demon.co.uk).)

On a Laserwriter 2 series (the most common one IMHO):

With the top cover open, look for 2 ping contacts in a little white pillar attached to the cover on the left-hand side. When the cover it closed, it makes contact with 2 similar contacts on the PCB on the left side of the fuser. Check for continuity (but not 0 resistance) between the 2 contacts _on the cover_. If it tests O/C, remove the toner cartridge (you did that, right?), then the little metal plate (grey metal, held on by 1 screw) behind it, then undo the 2 terminal screws under this, undo 2 more screws on the large grey metal assembly, and remove it. Inside this are 5 bulbs in series, one of which has probably blown. You can get replacements from the PrinterWorks

If those bulbs are OK, then check the power transistor on the PCB on the left end of the fuser.