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Apple LaserWriter and LaserWriter Plus paper jams

(From: Ralph Wade Phillips" (ralphp@techie.com).)

I suggest that you cruise on over to The Printer Works and check out the blowup parts list for the LaserWriter and LaserWriter Plus mechanical (Canon CX engine - also LaserJet, LaserJet 500, LaserJet Plus, and several, SEVERAL other printers). That will make the text easier to follow. (Use the search facility for the printer model - that will include the "Parts Identification Diagrams".)

To repair the MOST common problem with consistent jams at the paper INLET, you have to strip the printer down to where you can remove the Registration Shutter Assembly. Due to how the LaserWriter I/O board is connected, you'll have to remove the I/O board (the big one with the Plus ROMS on it), and the case it's in (Note: DISCONNECT the board from the computer's wiring harness, do NOT try to remove it from the case. The case should come off also - leave it mounted there.) After that, you can see the registration shutter mounting screws, along with the wiring harness for the shutter solenoid AND for the cartridge installed/sensitivity microswitches. Remove the shutter assembly. You'll have to either dismantle it and clean the solenoid out, quite possibly having to replace the rubber bumpers, or you'll have to replace it.

I have left out the most obvious steps of removing the upper housing and several other steps - they should be obvious from the parts diagrams for the printer.