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Apple Lserwriter I/O

"I just picked up an Apple Laserwriter II NTX which appears to be working. The problem is I need to find out what this thing has for I/O, and what the dip switch settings are. It appears to have a 50 pin centronics connector, along with a DB25, an appletalk port and one other port."

(From: Erik Johansson (erijo105@student.liu.se).)

The ports are a Phonenet Appletalk connector, a 50 pin centronics-like scsi connector (to connect a font cache hard disk), 25 pin female D-sub serial connector (wired as a DTE so the cable should be the same as when connecting to computers, not a computer and a modem) and a RS-422 8 pin miniDIN connector (also for serial communication).

The jumper settings:

 Switch1 Switch2           Function
   Up      Up     8 pin AppleTalk (Serial Port Disabled) 

  Down     Up     25 pin RS-232 and 8 pin RS-422 
                  Serial Ports 1200 baud 

   Up     Down    25 pin RS-232 and 8 pin RS-422 *
                  Serial Ports 9600 baud 

  Down    Down    25 pin RS-232 serial port 9600 baud;**
                  pin RS-422 serial port 0 baud 

 Switch3 Switch4   Function
  Up       Up     PostScript Batch 
  Down     Up     Diablo 630 
  Down    Down    HP LaserJet 
  Up      Down    PostScript Interactive 

 Switch5 Switch6   Function 
  Down    Down    No Handshake 
  Up      Up      ON/XOFF 
  Down    Up      Etx/Ack 
  Up      Down    DSR 

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