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Intermittent light/no print from Canon BJ330

"I have a canon BJ330 that starts printing light and prints nothing. This only happens approx once every 2 months. The unit has ink and it still thinks it's printing but there is no ink on the paper. This has happened a couple of times and so far I haven't figured out what it is that I do to 'correct' the problem.

I was thinking that there must be a way to clean the printhead that is not in the service manual. Which I do not have, anyway."

On my DeskJet, I just blow gently into the vent hole on the ink cartridge. I then wipe off blob of ink that forms on on the head and it works like a charm - if you don't get ink all over everything. Perhaps, try the following first:

(From: russrite@magmacom.com).

Remove the sponge from the purge cap carefully, try washing in water carefully, and reinstall it: