Printer and Photocopier Troubleshooting and Repair Collection : Unclogging non-HP inkjet printers       
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Unclogging non-HP inkjet printers

These printers have the printhead separate from the ink supply.

(From: John Hudak (jhudak@sei.cmu.edu).)

Here are a few suggestions:

  • Do a Google search on inkjet printer repair. You should find companies that make 'cleaner cartridges' that replace the ink cartridges. Invoke the clean cycle on the printer with the cleaning cartridges (follow both the printer manufacturer and the cleaning cartridge manufacturer instructions. This should remove the blockage. You may have to cycle it many times and/or let it sit overnight and then do cycles in the morning.

  • Some companies also sell a syringe kit in which you fill a syringe with cleaner and flush out the print head. In my opinion, this is the best approach.

  • Buy a HP in which the print head is integral to the ink cartridge. This eliminates the problem, and a side benefit is that the print quality is always good.

    (From: Richard J. Scott (rjscott@telus.net).)

    I have a Cannon BJC400 inkjet printer which I only use when I get home every week or so. Of course the ink clogs up the cartridge as always.

    In my frustration, when I couldn't even blow the ink through this time, I took about 4 ounces of windshield washer fluid added about 1 ounce of isopropyl alcohol got it near boiling in the microwave and set the cartridge into it for about 1 hour. Bingo it came clean on blowing through the breather hole and printed beautifully. Nice cheap fix!!!

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