Printer and Photocopier Troubleshooting and Repair Collection : Copier and laser printer manuals        
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Copier and laser printer manuals

(From: Gerald Chafee (GChafee@worldnet.att.net).)

I have had good luck purchasing manuals from a company called "Wright-Moore Corp, P.O. Box, 66019, Indianapolis, IN. 46266-6019. I have bought a ton of Toshiba parts and manuals for less than a quarter what any Toshiba repair parts distributor quotes and I know that they are a distributor for Mita. The only possible problem is that they want to deal with someone that has a business license (read resale or Tax ID certificate). If you know someone that will let you use their name and / or address, Wright-Moore doesn't care if it is copier or laser printer connected. They do have an 800 number which I don't have in front of me but is listed with 800 directory assistance.