Printer and Photocopier Troubleshooting and Repair Collection : LaserJet III: Where is the fuse?        
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LaserJet III: Where is the fuse?

"I am looking for the fuse of an HP LJ III. I shorted an exposed wire to ground at the fuser unit with my screwdriver. It was exposed because someone broke the cover of the fuser unit. Now the printer gets no power, the front display does not light, the fan does not come on. I looked for the fuse in all obvious places to no avail. Any hint is appreciated.

(From: Patrick Mulvey (pmulvey@li.net).)

A number of the fuses that are in the laserjets are hard to spot. There is a small component on the boards that is a small black disk. You will have to follow the wiring from the fuser back to the board and look for this small component (fuse). I have on one occasion lost power to the paper feed motors installing a card access device (defective harness shorted the motor to ground), and found the "fuse" after looking everywhere. Looks like a disk cap but leads are on opposite side of the disk and its mounted parallel to the PCB. Hope this helps...