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HP DeskJet 560C - stripping gear sounds and more

"Does anyone know where the problem might lie with my HP printer? The problem is that when it is turned on, it goes through the reset sequence until it reaches the park zone, then it seems to miss a gear or something by the sound of stripping gears, then the lights flash alternately. My workaround to this is to turn it on, let it start across on it's reset sequence, turn it off, then right back on, and it will initiate just fine. Another anomoly is that when printing large color graphic files, occasionally, it will make it part way through the page and just stop with the same flashing error. After resetting it, it of course will print garbage unless I resend the data to the printer all over again. Any ideas? I've left a message on the HP site, but there has been no response."

Call HP - After much hassle they finally admitted it was a defect and replaced it with a new 600 series. I had the same problem - but had to call Idaho to get results.