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HP600C DeskJet produces too much black ink

In addition to cleaning the cartridge, replacing the cartridge, cleaning the ink "well" and rubber wiper used for wiping cartridge head, using "approved" paper, printing in econofast mode (less ink), and setting up "transparency" print mode (gives more time for drying), one thing is often overlooked:

(From: Ralph Wade Phillips (ralphp@techie.com).)

Did you also clean the cartridge HOLDER? See HP's web page for more details, but I've seen SEVERAL of the 600 family that have "dust" collected under the cartridge holder. Since the black hits at a different angle than the tricolor cartridge, it is more prone to hitting the dust buildup, causing excessive smearing.

BTW, beware of flipping the entire printer over to unlatch the top - you may get a shower of the last n years excess ink from the holding tank!