Printer and Photocopier Troubleshooting and Repair Collection : Fuser problem/printer parts             
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Fuser problem/printer parts

(From: Robert Blackshaw (blckshaw@clark.net).)

"I have a ti-microlaser printer that worked great until a gear in the fuser assembly cracked. This gear drives the rollers in the fuser. If anyone can tell me if there is a place to get used parts or a kit of the common parts that fail in the fuser etc. it would be a great help. Also looking for any other info on this printer such as: schematic, user manual, and part numbers for the photoconductor unit, developer unit and toner cartridges."

Try The Printer Works at http://www.printerworks.com.

I fixed an HP Laserwriter II (same engine as the NT) with exactly the same problem, a $0.49 gear on the fuser assembly. On top of it all their catalogs are like service manuals with exploded diagrams of everything.