Printer and Photocopier Troubleshooting and Repair Collection : Swapping fuser parts                    
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Swapping fuser parts

"I have a couple of Scrap Brother HL-8 Laser printers.

Both have defects in the Toner Fixing unit (Fuser roller?). Which is the unit that melts the toner onto the paper.

One unit has VERY BAD scratches on the Toner fix roller itself, which causes a bad streak on pages.

On the other unit the heating element on the Toner fixer has blown. The big question is can I take the heater from one, and place it in the roller of the other? Anyone done this? A new roller unit will cost me 90 quid, so a couple of hours to actually do it is worthwhile, as a working laser printer will be the result."

(From: JStev55598 (jstev55598@aol.com).)

No problem if you are careful when swapping over the fuser lamp you will have a working printer which is a darn site cheaper than a re-con unit. One thing to bare in mind is what made the lamp fail in the first place. Although it has usually got to the end of it's natural life sometimes a failure in the temperature sensor or a power supply fault can cause the lamp to overheat.

When turning it on for the first time after replacing the lamp check that it switches on and off after it's initial warm up . You can sometimes see the lamp when it is on through a vent in the side of the printer by the end of the fuser roller.