Printer and Photocopier Troubleshooting and Repair Collection : Apple Imagewriter II squeal             
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Apple Imagewriter II squeal

"My Imagewriter II, after many years of faithful service (~8), is starting to squeal. It squeals when the carriage moves. It still prints perfectly fine, but....a new noise can only mean trouble. Does anyone have any experience with this problem and his solution? I imagine it would take only a drop or two of lubricant. But where?"

(From: Chris Jardine (cjardine@wctc.net).)

I would suggest that you might have a problem with the ribbon mask. A few years ago I was the service manager at an Apple dealership. I can't tell you how many ribbon masks I replaced for many different problems, including wierd noises. It could also be a problem with the carriage drive motor. I can't remember which side of the printer it is on, but, it is below the gear/pulley that drives the toothed belt. You might try some very fine (maybe silicone) oil there and you might want to clean and then re-oil the carriage guide bar (the shiny round bar) and the bushings on the carriage that ride on the bar. The only other possibility would be a problem in the gears below the ribbon that are responsible for driving the ribbon.