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HP Laserjet IIP error 52 - chip replacement

(From: Jon Fick (fickpci@aol.com).)

I was finally able to fix the printer by replacing the chip on the scanning motor board rather than replacing the whole board. That's a $10 fix rather than a $80 fix!

The surface-mount chip and an associated surface-mount resistor apparently run hot in this application, and over time, darken the back of the printed circuit board.

I covered the scanner rotor before attempting anything because I didn't want to have to clean the mirrors afterwards.

I also have the same chip in a different package that might actually be more robust. It is the HA13456A, a long DIP package with triple-width ground tabs in the middle of each side. It is electrically equivalent from what I can tell and might be a good substitute if the flat pack fails early.

The printer came right up, and self test immediately printed two pages!

The chip came from: B & D Enterprises International, PO Box 460, Main & Liberty Streets, Russell, Pennsylvania, 16345.

Their worldwide number, as well as tech support (really helpful) is: 814-757-8300 (800-458-6053 in the USA).

Their 24-hour fax number is: 814-757-5400

VISA, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS are accepted worldwide.

Each chip was $7.55. They have a $15 minimum order, so I ordered two, partly to make the minimum order, and partly to have a spare.

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