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HP LaserJet IIP - 52 error

"The problem with the machine is as follows:

  1. I bought the printer used from friends a year ago. They sold it because the printer would crash when they sent it a large print job. I do that very rarely, and thus this happened very infrequently. I would just shut off the power and then turn it back on and it would print the same job just fine.

  2. In December the printer would go through the initial diagnostic routine, but when the first print job came it would at first sound fine, but then make a longish whining noise and then display the error message "Printer Error 52" (I looked that up in the Users' Manual: "This error message indicates a scanner malfunction.") I reset the printer, and then it would work fine.

  3. The problem as described in 2) gradually occurred more frequently: I would have to reset the printer several times for it to print. After it started to print it would work fine until I turned the printer off for some time.

  4. Finally even after letting the machine warm up for hours it would not print at all, even though it went through the diagnostics on power-up.

  5. Model Number of the laser printer is: HP33471A, manufactured: April 1990 Serial Number: 3049J01EOB

(From: Charles Kyle (kyle@citynet.net).)

I have repaired a lot of the HP IIP printers with error 52. It has always been the scanner motor assembly. The assembly can be repaired by replacing the motor driver IC and possibly a burnt resistor or by ordering the scanner motor assembly.

Laser Impact carries the scanner motor assembly for the HP IIP. The part # is RG1-1771-000. it is easy to replace and costs about $60. Their phone number is (800)879-5882.

"I have a HP Laserjet IIP printer that no longer works and I need some help diagnosing. The printer does not print any text pages but instead gives an error 52 on the LCD screen. The owners manual says that an error 52 is a scanner malfunction. However the authorized service center said that this error was a memory error. The cost of having them fix the printer is more than the printers worth."

(From: Rich (richcar@flash.net).)

The service center gave you the wrong info. It is a bad scanner motor or a bad dc controller. I have found, that on a lot of laser printers for this error and others, that if you re-seat all connections internally, to all PCB's, the problem will go away. (About 50% of the time) If this doesn't work you can check the voltages on the dc controller itself. The dc controller is the PCB under the formatter, (If you were looking down on top of the printer) and directly above the scanner assembly.

 J212 on the dc controller
 Pin 1: Gnd (blue)
 Pin 2: Gnd (blue)
 Pin 3: +24 * (red)	
 Pin 4: +24 * (red)	
 Pin 5: Gnd (blue)
 Pin 6: +12 (orange)
 Pin 7: Gnd (blue)
 Pin 8: +5 (brown)
 Pin 9: Data signal (yellow) (shouldn't matter)
* Paper path door closed or pwr supply interlock defeated

These are the voltages the dc controller uses. (From the pwr supply) The scanner assembly. is the most expensive part and on exchange you can get one for about $150-200. But don't quote me on that. Contact Printer Works or PC Service Source to find out. I don't have their numbers but you should be able to get them from the 800 directory. 800-555-1212

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