Printer and Photocopier Troubleshooting and Repair Collection : HP LaserJet IIP+ error code 50          
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HP LaserJet IIP+ error code 50

"My owners manual tells me that if this error persists after a 15 minute power interruption then service is required. Is it feasible for me to perform this service myself? What is the risk factor that my printer will be FUBAR if I attemp this?"

(From: Don Hickey (dhickey@knox.knox.edu).)

It could be one out of a number of items that are actually bad. Most likely it is the fuser assembly. However it could also be the Ac Power Supply, Dc Controller or the cable going from the fuser to the dcc. Most of the time the lamp on the fuser burns out or one of the thermal switches.

(From: (Frank Reid (reid@indiana.edu).)

Test for continuity through the large terminals on the fuser. That will tell you if the lamp and thermostat are good. If they are, then the problem is in the AC power supply (cubical box under the upper fan). Remove the printer case, observe the fuser lamp upon power-on. If it lights immediately and then goes off with an audible click, the triac in the power supply is shorted. ECG 5620 is a replacement. Be careful desoldering the plated- through holes.