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HP LaserJet II - Top of the line printing shifting in multipage printing

(From: M K Ramadoss.)

Problem: In multipage printing, the first page will print fine. But, the top line of the second and subsequent pages will be shifted about 1/2".

Cause: There is a solenoid on the right side of the printer which stops the toothed gear. You can see this if you open the printer cover exposing the inside of the printer. On the solenoid there is a thin piece of foam which becomes sticky with age and temperature inside the printer. When the second and subsequent pages are printed, the solenoid the metal flap sticks to the solenoid and hence the timing of the feeding of paper is messed up and hence the shifting of printing.

Fix: This is very simple. In the hardware section of your store you will find thin felt squares or rounds with self-adhesive back normally used on the bottoms of lamps etc to prevent them from sliding as well as scratching polished surface of table etc. All you need is one such piece (about 1/2" round) which is stuck on the solenoid side of the solenoid. Thin felt is preferred. (Cost of a sheet of felt rounds/squares at Walmart is less than $1.00. All you need is one round).