Printer and Photocopier Troubleshooting and Repair Collection : Notes on HP LaserJet II error code 50   
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Notes on HP LaserJet II error code 50

(From: ROO7L@aol.com.)

When confronted with a code 50 - after checking lamp, lower fan operation, thermal cutoff, wire connections etc. I always, as a precaution against call-backs, 1. remove solder from wire ends at thermistor, clean and resolder with silver solder, 2. replace 1k ohm resistor under pin connector (thermal protector board on end of fusing unit), 3. replace Q101 (triac on power supply board ) and add more heat sink, 4. replace D155 on dc control board. 5. restake all wire end connectors with stake type wire connections. All of these are prone to happen and you can cut them off at the pass by taking care of these common offenders while you have the machine open. The voice of experience, I hate call backs!