Printer and Photocopier Troubleshooting and Repair Collection : OKI Microline 391 Elite Problem/Error   
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OKI Microline 391 Elite Problem/Error

"I am having a problem with a OKI Microline 391 Elite. I opened it up and cleaned out the dust and paper from inside. On putting it back together and powering up, The SEL light, the COURIER font light, LW and 10 cp light are all flashing and the stepper motor for the platen is jigging back and fore about once every 3 secs."

(From: Glenn Allen (pclogic@xtra.co.nz).)

These printers generally need just a clean out and put back together.

I would try to reseat the main logic board first, also try cleaning the edge connectors. There is a plastic joining bracket between the print head cable and the main logic board.

If you are getting bad carriage movement then check that the carriage can move freely back and forth, also check the black teethed guide lying on the bottom for clogged teeth. The print head ribbon can be removed for better testing. if the carriage doesn't move freely then you may need to adjust it's position by loosening the two screws on either side of the print head carriage and then adjusting back and forth until good movement is achieved.