Printer and Photocopier Troubleshooting and Repair Collection : NEC P5200 Printer problem               
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NEC P5200 Printer problem

"I have a NEC printer that has an intermittent CE (ribbon cartridge empty) problem, only the cartridge is new and good. Anyone knows what senses this condition and what part could be affecting this? NEC wants $20.00 just to talk to me. Thanks for any help."

(From: Paul Weber (webpa@aol.com).)

Look at the old ribbon. Does it have a short piece of transparent tape at the end of the ribbon? If so, the printer probably has an optical end-of-ribbon sensor; a LED/phototransistor pair that looks through the ribbon. Does it have a short patch of aluminum foil tape (probably on the back side of the ribbon) ? If so, there is probably a pair of contact fingers that rub the back of the ribbon as it feeds. Look for bent contacts or debris in the ribbon holder mechanism.

Look at the ribbon holder mechanism in the printer. Is there switch or contact pair that could sense the motion of the ribbon cartridge's feed reel? If so, check for free movement and cleanliness. Does the ribbon holder move with the printhead on this machine? If so, check that the ribbon cable connecting the carriage with the remainder isn't damaged and is connected properly at both ends.