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Panasonic 4420 laser printer error code E31 and other comments

(From: Al Savage (asavage@iname.com).)

E31 is the most common reason for a 4420 to fail.

The manual says that 'fusing unit failed to reach x degrees in 90 seconds' or words to that effect. Makes you think of fuser problems, right? Bulb, thermal fuse, thermistor? Well, only about 1 out of 10 times.

The problem is solder blown off two pins in the AC power supply, located on the front left side of the printer (after removing plastic cover) as you face the front. Easy fix, if you're moderately handy.

E31 and dirty feed rollers (and paper pickup roller) are about the only things that fail on a 4420. Well, you do need to replace the developer and drum every so often, and they're pretty expensive, but they're long-lived, too. Much lower cost-per-page than any HP product.

I happen to think the 4420 was Panasonic's best-made laser printer. The 4450 is over twice as fast, at 11 pages/minute, but you can't really run laser label through it. And it's MUCH harder to service.