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Panasonic KX-P4410 CHNG DRUM error code 027

(From: David Moisan (dmoisan@shore.net).)

The drum sensor on my 5400 is an opto-interrupter that sits over an opaque flag that's connected to a bucket inside the waste-toner compartment on the drum. When the bucket is full, the flag blocks the sensor and causes the CHNG DRUM indication.

Carefully drill a hole to get the toner out and BE CAREFUL OF THE DRUM SURFACE. I killed mine doing this. What sucks is that when this happened I was getting the indication and I only had 4400 pages on it (it's a 6000 page life span, supposedly).

when you're done, power up the printer while depressing ENTER. The display should tell you "DRUM COUNTER RESET" or something like that. Another fun thing I really love about the printer is how the developer mechanism--the magnetic drum that picks up toner--is permanently mounted in the printer. Lots of fun if the scraper is removing toner in one spot and you can't clean it. :( (A slip of paper SOMEWHAT works.) I only found this out after tearing my printer down *completely* and removing every last bit of old toner.

After 3 years, I'm NOT happy with my printer any longer. Though it's had a new drum, it has NEVER worked the same since it was changed out. White streaks on the output where there's not enough toner. And smeared characters where there's TOO much toner. *sigh*

It goes against our dogma here to say this, but I am very tempted to throw my printer out the window. (And I say this as a Panasonic owner who loves his 27-inch TV.) It's not repairable, I'm tired of tearing down the printer for a fault I can't possibly fix. And I'm tired of blowing another $70 on a drum that will die before I know it. Not when I can get a new printer for about the same price, 600 DPI and at least 12,000 pages before I have to spend big bucks on a drum. Like Curly Sue, when it was good it was very very good but when it's bad....

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