List of Mail Order Electronics Companies


  3.9) Arrow Electronics, Inc

Arrow Electronics, Inc.         Catalog requests to:
Catalog Division                Catalog Division
1860 Smithtown Ave.             25 Hub Drive
Ronkonkoma NY 11779             Melville NY 11747-9828
Minimum $25; they no longer have a catalog. They are a Real Distributor, but also didn't mind my placing a personal order (a couple of years ago).

  3.10) MCM Electronics

MCM Electronics
650 Congress Park Drive
Centerville OH 45459-4072
+1-800-824-TECH (product questions)
+1-513-434-6959 (FAX)
Minimum $20 ($25 for charge cards, and they don't take personal checks), handling $1.95 + shipping. Oriented toward repair technicians, really heavy on VCR parts and somewhat overpriced doodads, lots of useful stuff not easily found elsewhere.

  3.11) Fordham Radio Supply

Fordham Radio Supply
260 Motor Parkway
Hauppauge NY 11788-5134
Tools for technicians. One or two items are not outrageously overpriced.

  3.12) Jameco

1355 Shoreway Road
Belmost CA 94002
+1-800-237-6948 (FAX)
No longer have a minimum order, reasonable selection of parts again (in addition to computer components).

  3.13) JDR Microdevices (Just moved!)

JDR Microdevices				Just moved!
1850 South 10th Street
San Jose CA 95122-4108
Orders:		+1-800-538-5000
FAX:            +1-800-538-5005
Cust. Service:	+1-800-538-5001
Tech Support:	+1-800-538-5002
BBS:		+1-408-494-1430
No minimum, $5+ shipping. Mostly computers now, but they haven't yet decided to abandon components; indeed, they recently dropped their minimum order requirement entirely.

  3.14) Johnson Shop Products

Johnson Shop Products
.O.Box 160113
Cupertino CA 95016
+1-408-253-6288 (FAX)
Catalog $1. No minimum. Shipping charge is based on UPS; very small orders that can be sensibly shipped in a first-class letter, include money for first-class postage. New and some used electronic parts.

  3.15) DC Electronics

DC Electronics
. O. Box 3203
Scottsdale AZ 85271-3203
+1-800-423-0070 (orders)
+1-602-945-7736 (stock/price checks)
+1-602-994-1707 (FAX)
$15 minimum charge order, no minimum for checks, $3 min. shipping&handling. Wide array of ICs, good assortment of electronic components.

  3.16) Communications Specialists, Inc

Communications Specialists, Inc.
426 West Taft Ave.
Orange CA  92665-4296
+1-714-974-3420 (FAX)
Surface mount chip component prototyping kits, $49.95. Call for free detailed brochure.

  3.17) Kelvin Electronics

Kelvin Electronics
7 Fairchild Ave.
Plainview NY 11803
+1-516-349-7830 (FAX)
Minimum order $20; S&H 5% of order ($5 minimum, extra for large stuff, overnight, export (like to Hawaii :-), and etchant; based on UPS charges). Lots of electronic parts & tools, some robotics supplies, model rockets.

  3.18) H & R Company (Herbach and Rademan)

H & R Company (Herbach and Rademan)
353 Crider Avenue
Moorestown, NJ 08057
Telephone: 856-802-0422
Fax: 856-802-0465
Minimum order $25 ($5 processing charge under $25), shipping $4.75 under $30; Most items are new overstocks, much regularly stocked stuff as well. Tools, electrical supplies, motors, mechanical components, robotic components.

  3.19) John Birkitt

John Birkitt
1, The Strait, Lincoln
+44 522 520767
Lots of stuff for the practical enthusiast. Many bargains to be had if you've the patience to sort through the extensive heaps of assorted electronic miscellany. Good stocks of new components, tools and books, masses of RF gear and very competetive prices.

Two shops side by side cater for the "consumer" type goods and the "electronics" type. Does mail order, takes visa/access etc. Mail order list contains lots of unusual goodies that you'll possibly never see on offer anywhere else.
Thanks to Dave Walster @

  3.20) N R Bardwell

N R Bardwell
Abbeydale Road, Sheffield
+44 742 552886
Possibly the busiest electronics emporium I've ever visited. Specialises in radio gear and alarm equipment but many of the obligatory bags of "unmarked, untested" goodies makes Bardwell's *the* place to go. Friendly, efficient and knowledgeable staff. Cheap. Very cheap. Thriving mail order business with some good bargains in IC's and discrete's. Write/phone for a price list.
Thanks to Dave Walster @

  3.21) International Components Corporation

International Components Corporation
1803 NW Lincoln Way
Toledo OR 97391-1014
+1-800-325-0101 (US & Canada)
+1-503-336-4400 (FAX)
Cabinets&Enclosures; Capacitors; Diodes; ICs; Potentiometers; Resistors; Sockets; Transistors; Books. No minimum order, $2 handling under $25.

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  4.1) All Electronics Corp

(From Woolf Kanter)

We have two Los Angeles Area locations:

We now have a WWW site (under construction). You can order a catalog and find out ordering information. Please visit us at URL:

We are also a mail order company. We will mail a catalog free to anyone requesting one. You can E-Mail us at or you can write us at:

All Electronics Corporation
PO Box 567
Van Nuys, CA 91408

or call us toll free at 1-800-826-5432

NO minimum, $5.00 S&H. New and surplus electronics.

  4.2) Alltronics

P.O. Box 730
Morgan Hill, CA 95038-0730
Surplus electronics. $12 minimum, shipping per UPS.

  4.3) American Science and Surplus

American Science and Surplus (formerly JerryCo)
3605 Howard Street
Skokie IL 60076
+1-800-934-0722 FAX
Surplus. THE surplus place. Lots and lots of surplus. WWII gun cameras, velcro, laser disk chassis, 6 volt VW wipers motors, LEDs, rubber brains, you name it, they've had it. Catalogs are a really good time. $12.50 minimum order (which includes the $4 shipping charge).

  4.4) BCD Electro (Out of MO business)

BCD Electro			!!! Out of the mail order business!
. O. Box 450207
Garland TX 75045-0207
According to Barrie Britton (24 Feb 94), BCD has gone out of the mail order business.

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