List of Mail Order Electronics Companies


  4.5) Electronic Goldmine

Electronic Goldmine
PO Box 5408
Scottsdale AZ 85261
Tel: (602) 451-7454
Fax: (602) 451-9495

Surplus/New. Great catalog. Covers solar, Xenon flash, surplus PCBs, etc. Lights, LEDs, the whole show.

  4.6) Fair Radio Sales

Fair Radio Sales
. O. Box 1105
1016 E Eureka St.
Lima OH  45802

Surplus electronics. Heavy on parts for old Collins gear.

  4.7) Fry's Electronics

(From Art Zirger)

It's not correct to place [..] Fry's Electronics under Surplus Stores. They only sell new stuff. While you can get them to ship some stuff to you, I'd classify them as a walk-in store only. No catalogs, only sales fliers in the local newspapers. They have multiple stores in Southern California and the Bay Area. Unfortunately, their percentage of electronics parts/accessories seems to slowly shrink as they devote more floor space to things like refrigerators.

(Editor: Since it's John Wood's list, I'll keep it here BUT with the disclaimer above.)

(From John Lundgren)

Fry's Electronics
3600 Sepulveda Bl
Manhattan beach, CA 90266
Tel: (310) 364-3797

In Manhattan Beach, there is a Fry's Electronics store, along with other stores that are near the TRW swapmeet. You have to see their store to believe it.

  4.8) Hosfelt Electronics

Hosfelt Electronics
2700 Sunset Blvd.
Steubenville OH 43952
+1-614-264-5414 (FAX)

No minimum, $3.75 S&H. Surplus electronics.

  4.9) HSC Electronic Supply

HSC Electronic Supply (Halted Specialties Co.)
3500 Ryder Street
Santa Clara, CA 95051
+1-800-4-HALTED Orders only
+1-408-732-1573 inside California and outside US

Surplus (new) electronics; new and used test equipment. Minimum order $10 ($2 handling charge under $20), plus UPS shipping cost. Has three stores, of which 3500 Ryder Street is one.

  4.10) Marlin P. Jones & Assoc.

Marlin . Jones & Assoc.
.O. Box 12685
Lake Park FL 33403-0685
+1-407-844-8764 (FAX)
+1-800-4-FAX-YES (FAX)

Minimum order $15, shipping per UPS. Surplus electronics.

  4.11) R&D Electronics

R&D Electronics
5363 Broadway Ave
Cleveland OH 44127
orders: +1-800-642-1123 (tues - fri 9am-4pm sat. 9am-3pm EST)
info:   +1-216-441-8500
fax:    +1-216-441-8503
$10 minimum. Surplus electronics. "Also known to stock many components, but this is not discussed in the catalog. Local store, a cleveland institution, is called Electronic Surplus, Inc., and has been there since '48. Third generation now runs it." -- wb8foz 7/13/94: Dave Lesher (wb8foz) updates their hours as M,W,F 0900-1900; T,R 0900-1600; S 0900-1500; but wasn't sure if that was the store hours or the order line hours (but likely both).

  4.12) Surplus Sales of Nebraska

Surplus Sales of Nebraska
1502 Jones Street
Omaha, Nebraska  68102
+1-402-346-2939 (FAX)
New and surplus radio electronics. Wide selection: air variables. Catalog $3 (free with order, refundable with $25 catalog purchase).

  4.13) Tucker Surplus Store

Tucker Surplus Store
1717 Reserve St.
Garland TX  75042
+1-800-527-4642 extension 135
Surplus electronic gear; oscilloscopes and signal generators from the days when dinosaurs with vacuum tubes roamed the earth (some solid state gear, but all well used). Prices seem relatively high, and you'll be shocked to learn how much it costs to ship a 75 pound oscilloscope by motor freight...

Steve Brown, N8HFI:

In defense of Tucker, the have a broad selection, repair facilities, and they certify the used equipment to meet the original specification and warranty it for 90 days. Not every source does this:]

  4.14) Davilyn Corp

Davilyn Corp.
13406 Saticoy St.
North Hollywood, CA   91605-3475
+1-800-235-6222 (Ex. CA)
+1-818-787-3334 (CA)
+1-818-787-4732 (FAX)
Surplus electronic gear. [has much better prices [than Tucker], but sells used equipment as-is. -N8HFI]

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  5.1) JAN Crystals

JAN Crystals
2341 Crystal Drive
.O. Box 06017
Fort Myers FL 33906-6017
+1-800-JAN-XTAL (Monday through Thursday)
+1-813-936-3750 (FAX)
+1-813-936-2397 (plant)
They make crystals. Minimum order is $10, which might be one crystal, or might be two.

  5.2) Crystek Corporation

Crystek Corporation
2351/2371 Crystal Drive
.O. Box 06135
Fort Myers FL 33906-6135
+1-800-237-3061 (M-F) (US and Canada but not Alaska and Hawaii)
+1-813-939-4226 (FAX)
They make crystals too. They were the cheapest last time I ordered, but I don't have an up-to-date price list. It took about 4 weeks, and they had said it would take 6.

  5.3) ICM, Inc

ICM (International Crystal Manufacturing Co., Inc.)
701 W. Sheridan
PO Box 26330
Oklahoma City  OK 73126-0330
Tel: +1-800-426-9825
More crystals. They were more expensive, but they have lots of pre-made crystals for various rigs, so they would probably be faster.

  5.4) Amidon Associates

Amidon Associates
3122 Alpine Way
Santa Ana, Calif.  92074
Toroid cores and related things. Very fast service. Now takes MC/Visa and phone orders. I think this is their current address, they seem to move a lot.

  5.5) Palomar Engineers

Palomar Engineers
Box 462222
Escondido CA 92046
+1-619-747-3346 (FAX)
Toroid cores and shielding beads, baluns, frequency meters, etc. Call for free catalog.

  5.6) RF PARTS

435 South Pacific Street
San Marcos CA 92069
+1-800-RF-PARTS (Orders only)
+1-619-744-0700 (main order line & delivery info)
+1-619-744-0750 (customer service, warranty, tech & applications, 10AM-4PM)
+1-619-744-1943 (FAX)
Tubes and transistors. $2 handling below $20 for US orders; $5.50 minimum handling for Canada orders; they take foreign orders (but no handling info was given in the QST ad).

  5.7) K2AW's Silicon Alley

K2AW's Silicon Alley
175 Friends Lane
Westbury NY 11590
Free catalog, $10 minimum order. Semiconductors, in particular high-voltage diodes.

  5.8) Small Parts, Inc

Small Parts, Inc.		[ New address and phone, 23 Dec 91 ]
13980 NW 58th Court
.O. Box 4650
Miami Lakes, FL 33014-0650
+1-305-557-8222	Order department
+1-305-557-7955  Customer Service  (ask for Mirta)
+1-305-558-1255  Catalog           (ask for Elizabeth)
+1-305-557-8004  Custom-made Parts (ask for Ziggy)
+1-305-557-8005  Non-standard Sizes
                of catalog parts  (ask for Eric)
+1-800-423-9009  Toll free FAX line
$12 minimum. Mechanical parts, metal stock, Teflon(R) sheets, tools, wire-size drill bits (as in #61 size for PC board holes).

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