List of Mail Order Electronics Companies


  7.4) CW Technology

CW Technology
7328 Timbercreek Court
Reynoldsburg, OH 43068-1181
COD Orders at 800-547-7479
"I have a small (just me) mail order company through which I sell kits. My starter products were kits for computer<->transceiver interfaces to go along with my 2/93 QST article. Since, I have added a programmer kit for the MC68HC705K1 microcontroller and an optoisolated stepper motor controller kit. I also sell the PCBs and difficult parts for these projects."
Wally Blackburn AA8DX

  7.5) GNP Sales

GNP Sales
POB 77011 
San Francisco, CA 94107.
"Business size SASE for our current list. We are very small, all three of us have "real" jobs. We buy and sell vacuum caps, vacuum relays, various high voltage parts, coax relays, mostly radio stuff."
Peter Gerba,

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Chapter 8) MANUALS

  8.1) Eico Electronic Instruments Co

Eico Electronic Instruments Co., Inc.
363 Merrick Rd
Lynbrook NY 11563
Note: No current kits, EICO manuals and schematics only

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430 Princeland Court
Corona CA 91719-9938
+1-800-783-4624 (subscriptions)
+1-714-371-3052 (subscribe by FAX)
All advertisements magazine (though they're now publishing small projects). Issues are $2.00 (at least, that's the price on the cover), subscriptions are (third class mail, USA:) $17/1 year, $31/2 years, (first class mail USA) $34/1 year, (Canada/Mexico) US$35, (other foreign, air mail) US$70, (other foreign, surface) US$39. A subscription also entitles you to one free classified ad of 40 words.

  9.2) Ham Trader Yellow Sheets

Ham Trader Yellow Sheets
PO Box 15142
Seattle WA 98115
"SUBSCRIPTIONS: U.S.: 24 Issues(1 yr) $16.50 50 Issues(2 yrs + 2 issues) $32. 75(3 Yrs + 3) $48. CANADA & MEXICO: 24/$20. 50/$39. 75/$58. FOREIGN: $38 a year sent Airmail. Published 2 ISSUES A MONTH sent 1st Class Mail... NO LONG WAIT FOR AD CIRCULATE! NOTE: A $4/4 issue MINI-SUBSCRIPTION may be ordered by potential subscribers, or WITH AN AD to qualify for the Special Subscriber Ad Rates given below:" Non-subscriber ads $1/{word,number,group} per insertion; subscribers: businesses or other for-profit sales $0.75 per word; ads involving items solely from or for your own use $0.35 a word; hamfest ads $0.35. Ads and ads with subscriptions should be sent to POB 10253 Sarasota FL 34278 during the winter; spring through fall they go to POBox 2057, Glen Ellyn IL 60138.

  9.3) Howard W. Sams & Company

Howard W. Sams &amp; Company
.O. Box 7092
Indianapolis, IN 26207-7092
Publishers of SAMS PHOTOFACTS and many other electronics books. There is an Annual Index of SAMS PHOTOFACTS whose cost I have forgotten. In-print Photofacts run between $14.95 to $39.95 (for computer Photofacts); they will photocopy out-of-print Photofacts for $11.95 + $2.50S&H for one page, plus $.55 per page thereafter.

  9.4) RF Design Magazine

RF Design Magazine
 O Box 1077
Skokie IL 60076-9931
A magazine for professional RF designers. Subscriptions are $38 per year in the US, $48 in Mexico and Canada, $51 elsewhere, unless you appear to be a "qualified subscriber" (i.e. are in serious danger of convincing your company to buy a $12,000 spectum analyzer based on an ad) in which case it's free. Heavy on theory, and even the advertisement articles are educational.

  9.5) Electronics Now

Electronics Now        (formerly Radio Electronics)
Subscription Service
.O. Box 51866
Boulder CO 80321-1866
A magazine for thumb-fingered electronics hobbyists. Subscription rate on the bingo card in the November issue (the latest I was able to dig up) was $19.97 per year.

  9.6) Popular Electronics

Popular Electronics
Subscription Department
.O.Box 338
Mt. Morris, IL 61054-9935
Like Electronics Now. $18.95 according to the latest bingo card I see.

  9.7) The Computer Applications Journal (Circuit Cellar INK)

The Computer Applications Journal (Circuit Cellar INK)
. O. Box 3050
Southeastern, PA 19398-9932
+1-203-872-2204 (FAX)
This magazine is what Steve Ciarcia wanted BYTE to be when it grew up. It focuses on microcontroller applications and other digital projects. $21.95 per year (12 issues, now) (Canada, Mexico: add $10 surface mail, $20 air mail; other countries: add $28.)

  9.8) The Radio Craftsman

The Radio Craftsman 
.O. Box 3682 
Lawrence, KS 66046-0682 
Bi-monthly newsletter for homebrewers of amateur radio gear. Information about electronics construction techniques, components, book reviews, beginning electronics theory, and the occasional construction project. Oriented toward the beginner/intermediate level. Price, $10/year (six issues), $15 outside the U.S. Published by Doug Heacock, AA0MS. Send large SASE for free sample issue. [Info supplied by Doug Heacock.]

  9.9) Hambrew

Amateur radio homebrewer newsletter published by George De Grazio, WF0K. $10 per year (4 issues).

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  10.1) G-QRP Club

G-QRP Club				Memberships to:
Rev. George Dobbs, G3RJV		(make cheques payable to &quot;G QRP CLUB&quot;):
St. Aidans Vicarage			John Leak, G0BXO
498 2 Manchester Rd.			Flat 7, 56 Heath Crescent
Rochdale, Lancs, OL11 3HE, ENGLAND	Halifax HX1 2PW, ENGLAND
					Tel 0422 365025
Publication is SPRAT, a quarterly. Subscriptions/membership is UK#5.00 per year in the UK, US$12 (cash) or US$14 (check) for foreign members (cheaper direct payment options are available in the US, Germany, The Netherlands, and Austria). (US payments of $12 can be sent to Mike Kilgore KG5F, 2046 Ash Hill Road, Carrollton TX 75007; make checks payable to G QRP Club, and include your callsign and membership number (if any)).

  10.2) QRP Amateur Radio Club

QRP Amateur Radio Club, International (QRP-ARCI)
Info packets ($2)			Subscriptions to (payable to QRP ARCI):
Mike Bryce, WB8VGE			Mike Kilgore, KB5F
2225 Mayflower NW			2046 Ash Hill Road
Massilon, OH 44647			Carrolton TX 75007
Publication is the QRP Quarterly. Subscription is $12 ($14 non-US, UK#7) for new members, $10 ($12/#6) for renewals.

  10.3) QRP Club of New England

QRP Club of New England
Jack Frake, NG1G
.O. Box 1153
Barnard, VT  05031

Name:                            QRP Club of New England
Date Founded:                    1991
Number of Members:               206
Cost to Join:                    $10
Annual Dues:                     $7
Publication Name and Frequency:  72 - quarterly
Net(s):                          QRP-NE SSB Net, 0200Z Tuesdays 3.855MHz

  10.4) QRP Club of Michigan

QRP Club of Michigan
654 Georgia
Marysville, MI  48040

Name:                            Michigan QRP Club
Date Founded:                    1978
Number of Members:               1,200
Cost to Join:                    $7 US, $12 DX
Annual Dues:                     $5 US, $10 DX
Publication Name and Frequency:  The Five Watter - quarterly  (a.k.a. T5W)
Net(s):                          MI-QRP Net, 0200Z Wednesdays 3.535MHz

  10.5) QRP Club of Northern California

QRP Club of Northern California
Jim Cates, WA6GER
3241 Eastwood Road
Sacramento, CA  95821

Name:                            NorCal (Northern California) QRP Club
Date Founded:                    1993
Number of Members:               200
Cost to Join:                    $10
Annual Dues:                     $10
Publication Name and Frequency:  QRPp - quarterly
Net(s):                          None
This is the club that has had a succession of incredibly popular kits, ranging from the Norcal 40 (and now its successor, the 40a), the Sierra, and soon a QRP SSB kit.

  10.6) QRP Club of North Texas (GONE, as a publication, anyway)

Chuck Adams had to give up publishing his newsletter after two fine issues.

Chapter 11) CHANGES FOR this revision (2.18)

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