List of Mail Order Electronics Companies


  6.1) ARRL Listserver

(The terse "Note:" descriptions are from the ARRL Kit List courteously supplied by Ed Hare and Mike Gruber at the ARRL. For a much more complete list of kit suppliers, use the ARRL email server; send the following as the text of a mail message:


to the address

  6.2) 624 Kits

624 Kits
171 Springlake Drive
Spartanburg SC 29302
QRP kits (including some designs from W1FB's books) and some parts.

  6.3) A&A Engineering

A&A Engineering
2521 W. LaPalma, Unit K
Anaheim CA 92801
Kits, some components, some books. S&H $4.50, catalog is free with SASE (2 oz postage).

  6.4) Antique Electronic Supply

Antique Electronic Supply 
6221 S. Maple Ave.
Tempe, AZ 85283
Note: Broadcast receiver kits

  6.5) Cirkit

Park Lane
Broxbourne, Herts EN10 7NQ, ENGLAND
+44-0992-448899 Sales
+44-0992-441306 Info
+44-0992-471314 Fax
Half-inch-thick catalog is UK#1.9. "Components - kits - test equipment."

  6.6) C.M. Howes Communications

C.M. Howes Communications
Eydon, Daventry,
Northants NN11 6PT
Phone: +44 327 60178
QRP, transmitters, receivers, misc. "The Heathkit of England", though with assembly manuals not as detailed, also without the intricate mechanicals of Heathkits.

Communications Concepts Inc. 
508 Millstone Drive
Beaver Creek, OH  45434
+1-513-429-3811 (FAX)
Kits for Motorola Applications Notes (amplifiers and the like), small assortment of components (chip capacitors, transistors). $4 Shipping&Handling.

  6.7) Down East Microwave

Down East Microwave
Box 2310, RR#1
Troy, ME 04987
+1-207-948-5157 (FAX)
(Bill Olson, W3HQT) Microwave antennas and equipment, including kits for transverters and amplifiers. Free catalog available.

  6.8) FAR Circuits

FAR Circuits
18N640 Field Court
Dundee IL 60118
(Fred Reimers, KF9GX) Printed circuit boards for articles in the usual ham magazines. SASE for list. $1.50 shipping and handling per four boards.

Hamtronics, Inc.
65 Moul Road
Hilton, NY 14468-9535
Note: Amateur, general interest

  6.9) Kanga Products

Kanga Products				!!! See also Kanga US below
Seaview House, Crete Road East
Tel/Fax 0303-891106	9AM - 7PM, closed Mondays.
QRP Kits, components. SAE (6"x9") for catalog.

  6.10) John Langner WB2OSZ

John Langner WB2OSZ
115 Stedman St.
Chelmsford, MA 01824-1823
+1-508-256 6907
Slow Scan Television for IBM PC.

  6.11) Lake Electronics

Lake Electronics
7 Middleton Close
Nottingham NG16 1BX
Note: Amateur

  6.12) Mercury Systems

Mercury Systems
15 Lakeside Dr.
Marlton, NJ 08053
Note: the ARRL Kit list didn't say what they carry; I don't (yet) know either.

  6.13) Oak Hills Research

Oak Hills Research
20879 Madison St.
Big Rapids, MI 49307
+1-616-796-6633 (FAX)
Send $1 for a flyer. QST article kits, transceiver kits, QRP stuff in general. They no longer sell parts.

  6.14) Penntek Electronics

Penntek Electronics
14 Peace Dr.
Lewistown, PA 17044
Note: The Neophyte Receiver, QST

  6.15) Ramsey Electronics

Ramsey Electronics
793 Canning Parkway
Victor NY 14564
Amateur radio and hobby kits. The ham kits are all pretty simple and pretty inexpensive, and you get about what you pay for. Their new VHF transceiver kits (144, 220, 440) look pretty interesting. Many have complained about the quality of their kits, though.

  6.16) Tejas RF Technology

Tejas RF Technology
.O.Box 720331
Houston TX 77272-0331
+1-713-879-9494 (FAX)
Tejas Backpacker-II QRP kit and other things.

  6.17) T*Kit (A division of TEN-TEC, Inc.)

T*Kit (A division of TEN-TEC, Inc.)
1185 Dolly Parton Parkway
Sevierville TN 37862-3710
+1-615-453-7172 (Information)
+1-615-428-4483 (FAX)
+1-800-833-7373 (Credit card orders only)
TenTec, well known manufacturer of amateur and commercial radios, is now selling kits, and apparently have been astonished by the demand. Help astonish them, call them up and get a catalog :-). The only components they sell are TenTec cases (naturally enough) and a kit for, believe it or not, a high-power variable capacitor (40-500pF, 3.5KV).

{See also RadioKit}

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Chapter 7) LITTLE GUYS

  7.1) Dan's Small Parts And Kits

Dan's Small Parts And Kits (Formerly KA7QJY Components)
Box 3634
Missoula, MT 59806-3634
Tel/Fax: (406) 258-2782

Send a business-size SASE (2 stamps) for a current list of parts. RF parts, including vernier drives and air variables; now also offers kits. $3.75 shipping, no minimum. Fast service, lots of satisfied customers.

  7.2) Kanga US

Kanga US
Bill Kelsey
3521 Spring Lake Dr
Findlay, OH 45840
Tel: +1-419-423-5643
Call between 7 - 11 pm eastern time please. Stamp for a catalog. "I import kits from Kanga in the UK - most of them come from SPRAT - the journal of the G-QRP Club. I also have the Super Tee Antenna Tuner, and a range of kits from Elktronics that are based on the DDS articles in 73 Magazine."

  7.3) R&R Associates

R&R Associates
3106 Glendon Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90034
+1-213-474-1315 (res)
[ Richard Rathburn, KB6NQ ] "I mainly sell pc boards from QST, Radio Electronics, etc., and a few of in-house design. I also sell IC's, etc." Send a SASE every now and then for his most recent flyer. He also has boards for some Motorola Application Notes. (Jan 94 -- a member of the QRP mailing list reports some dissatisfaction with R&R.)

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