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Cold problems with cold TVs - or - an unhappy Christmas

(From: Ren Tescher (ren@rap.ucar.edu).)

My Christmas repair story wasn't so happy.

I worked as TV repairman for an appliance store.

On a very cold (20 below zero Fahrenheit) evening a man bought a new 25" console for the family.

As we loaded it into the back of their pickup truck, we TOLD them. "Do not plug this in until it warms back up to room temperature." They nodded and said "uh-huh, okay".

They lived about 15 minutes away.

25 minutes later we get a telephone call...

"Hey! that TV you sold us don't work!"

So we ended up loading another TV into our delivery van, drove out to their place. Unloaded it, and WAITED until the thing was warm enough to plug in.

Needless to say, I got home late that Christmas Eve and had brand new TV console waiting for my repair back at the shop.