NotTaR of Television Sets : F-connector broken off rear of TV or VCR
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F-connector broken off rear of TV or VCR

Sometimes this just happens due to poor manufacturing and a slight tug. However, usually, there has been some severe trauma - like the TV or VCR falling off a shelf while still attached. When else would it fall off a shelf? :-)

I recently repaired a Panasonic VCR with a dangling F-connector. It required removing the cover, main board, unsoldering the A/V block and part of the power supply, just to get at the RF modulator. Then it was a simple matter of resoldering the center conductor to the printed circuit board (fortunately, nothing else was damaged) and the shell of the F-connector to the metal box.

From: Glenn Watkins

We get a lot of sets with broken "F" connectors broken off - both VCR's and TV's. The job can be quite involved depending on the exact set. It may take an hour just to open it, remove the tuner or RF modulator and open the case. Then if you're lucky, there is no additional damage inside the unit due to people probing with pencils, screwdrivers, etc.

On some TV's including Sharp, there is a antenna(cable) isolation device that connects between the tuner and antenna. This device comes in a few flavors and is very easy to install if broken. I've seen them as cheap as $4.95 each mail order.