NotTaR of Television Sets : More drastic measures to brighten CRT   
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More drastic measures to brighten CRT

(From: LEE (leep@mailhub.scf.lmsc.lockheed.com).)

As a start, I crank the brightness control all of the way up. I then turn the color control all of the way up. I let the set run with a bright screen for around 15 min. This procedure cleans up the cathode surfaces so that they can emit more electrons. Now turn the controls back to normal and see if any improvement took place. If not, Wrap 2 or 3 turns of around 18 gauge insulated wire around the flyback and add this extra power in series with existing filament leads from flyback. You can experiment with the number of turns etc. to get brighter filaments. do not run the filaments white - just a brightened yellow. This will probably turn out to be around 8-9v in most cases. I had to do this on two different Sanyo replacement flybacks as they had low filament voltage from the factory. (flakey replacement parts). I`ve been running one of these Sanyos for around 4 years now with a nice bright picture (13")