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Picture tube brightener

(From: Kevin Carney (carneyke@mhv.net).)

Try a CRT brightener from MCM Electronics about $20. It boosts the filament voltage a volt or two. I have used them before and they help. You can also try running a power supply on the filament with the monitor OFF. Set the supply at the filament voltage and slowly bring the voltage up. If the filament is 6.3 volt bring it up gradually to 10 -12 volts for about a half hour. This will brighten it up some. Be careful because too much voltage can open the filament !

Before doing this did you check the screen voltage setting and the RGB settings for drive and background ?

There are also commercial CRT rejuvenators that supposedly zap the cathodes of the electron guns. A TV repair shop may be able to provide this service, though it is, at best, a short term fix.