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More on Hstat

(From: Shawn Lin (slin01@mail.orion.org or lin@science.smsu.edu).)

The H-STAT is a plastic box that sits mounted to the picture tube's shield. It's red in color (for every SONY TV that I have owned) and has a single knob on it. The flyback's HV output wire goes into the H-STAT and another HV wire exists the H-STAT and connects to the anode cap on the picture tube. It has a dual purpose, horizontal static convergence (the control adjusts this) and HV overvoltage shutdown protection. Chances are, your HV is within spec and the H-STAT is bad, but you should make sure the regulated voltage to the flyback is steady and doesn't fluctuate before assuming the H-STAT is bad.

H-STAT is expensive, and may not be worth replacing. My kV-1952RS is old and as a whole, not worth the cost of a new H-STAT, so I just bypassed it and didn't bother replacing it. The TV's been working great for over a year and the picture is still excellent.

Note: On some models, the sense wires need to be connected during startup or else it will never come on.

CAUTION: On some monitors (like the Sony CPD1302), the sense signal may be used for actual HV regulation. Thus, if the sense wire is disconnected, (or the divider inside the Hstat block fails open) there is no feedback and it is possible for the high voltage (and probably B+) to increase until the HOT (and possible other components) blow. I do not know if this applies to Sony built TVs as well.