NotTaR of Television Sets : Sony TVs/monitors and Hstat             
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Sony TVs/monitors and Hstat

Symptoms are that the TV or monitor will shut down possibly after a warmpup period. There can be other causes but failure of the Hstat module HV sense wire is quite likely on many Sony models.

(From: Mr. Beanz (slin01@mail.orion.org).)

If you've determined that the HV is fine, and the H-STAT is shutting down for no reason, it's possible to bypass. There is a little brown wire coming out the bottom of the H-STAT which goes to a 3-pin connector. Two wires have a jumper, and the brown wire goes to the other. Snip the brown wire at the H-STAT and the TV will continue to function normally. Measuring the regulated B+ to the flyback will give you a pretty good indication of the condition of the HV output. If it remains steady at rated voltage (I forget what it was, 130V or 135V) then HV is A-OK. If it slowly creeps up or is too high to begin with, you have a problem. The voltage will normally jump to 150V or so after HV shutdown is tripped.

Ideally, you should replace the H-STAT in this case. Although taking the poor man's route will WORK, you lose any protection in the event that the HV circuitry should malfunction.