NotTaR of Television Sets : Swapping of deflection yokes            
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Swapping of deflection yokes

This should work with identical TVs or monitors. Your mileage will vary if you are attempting a swap between monitors with similar specifications. Chances of success for monitors with widely different screen sizes or scan rate specifications is close to zero.

One indication of compatibility problems would be major differences in resistance readings for the corresponding yoke windings, CRT HV and other bias levels, etc.

Before you do the transplant, see the section: Swapping of deflection yokes for procedures and precautions to minimize problems in realignment.

Make a precise diagram of everything you do.

Keep the purity/static convergence magnet assembly with the original CRT if possible and install it in the same or as nearly the same position as possible when you replace it.

Once you are sure of the connections, power it up carefully - there is no assurance that your yokes are compatible. A yoke with a much lower resistance or inductance than the original may overstress components in the power supply.

You will then need to go through all the adjustments starting with purity and convergence.